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49 Woman Entrepreneurs Trained

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

It gives us such gratification to announce on Woman’s Month, that DigiEra Learning has trained 49 women entrepreneurs.

The training involved the following:

Professional Driving

Customer Services

Pre-Investment Business Training

Personal Mastery i.e. Self-Awareness, Social Cognition, Cognitive Behaviour Theory

Digital Transformation

Coaching & Mentoring

Site Visits

Some feedback from the entrepreneurs, Verbatim:

Learner 1: “I am so grateful to know that having a personal swot analysis before planning anything is vital. I should also use the smart process to help me plan and easily achieve my goal”

Learner 2: “I will use the SMART principle to pursue my goals. The Self-Mastery module helped me to analyse and know myself. The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training taught me to be more open-minded.”

Learner 3: “The training was mind-opening and gave me a good experience on how to look things by moving with the digital times”


4: The training was inciteful as the world is changing. I did not know about robotics and machines. The digital training has sparked a new interest which I am excited”.

Learner 5: “After this training, I am considering following a career in the digital world. The training was perfect in motivating me”

Learner 6: My business is finally getting some traction and movement. Thank you for all the assistance and guidance

Learner 7: I am finally able to get in more clients through the marketing training. Thank you


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