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Youth Exploring Life and Talents

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Happy International Youth Day.

Our work at DigiEra Learning is solely to concentrate on the holistic development of the youth.

We cannot change what has happened in the past. We have little or no control over our present state of the government and politics and how it impacts the youth. However, we can shape the lives of the youth that we touch, for the future.

This is a picture of forty (40) of our youth that are being trained on Digital Transformation. The modules we cover are:

  • Personal Mastery

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Tools and Techniques to Self-Counsel)

  • The VUCA world of business.

  • Digital concepts and how they are applying it to the world of work e.g., Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics, Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning

  • Case studies of new jobs that are created due to automation.

  • How smart cities operate in relation to the Internet of Things

  • Comparison of traditional skills to that required in 2030 (as per the World Economic Forum and Top Universities).

The outcomes of this intervention are so that our youth may:

  • Self-develop in terms of social intelligence, contextualised intelligence and self-awareness.

  • Recognise when he/she behaves in ways that don’t serve them and how to self-talk

  • Know how to counsel himself/herself in times of adversity

  • Be empowered to face the digital world

  • Have knowledge of how the digital concepts affect the world of work

  • Have an understanding of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution entails

  • Know what skills should be developed to prepare for the future way of work

  • Know how to obtain skills to build their curriculum vitae with limited or no costs

We are open to engaging with unemployed youth so that they may be considered for this opportunity.

Email your curriculum vitae in the next two weeks to Bonai Ndukwana at


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