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Digital Transformation for Survival

Digital transformation is the robustness of a business to seamlessly deliver digital services to its customers. This ensures that the business is in keeping with global trends and that it stays competitive.

According to the National Skills Authority (NSA):

  • The instant rise in cloud computing, AI, IoT, digital collaboration, and virtual workspaces - this was previously ignored because "the old way worked best".

  • Event organizers found alternative ways to go to market.

  • Schools and universities went from talking about online learning for 10 years to implementing online teaching within 1 week. (Where there's a will, there's a way).

  • Remote working has moved from being a grudge allowance for a very limited.

  • The proportion of employees to a matter of business survival.

  • Managers who were counting bums on seats are remotely managing workers.

Look out for our 2-day course “Journey into Digital Transformation – Making Digital Careers Possible”.

Digital Transformation Course Outline
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