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Hear from our youth of Zandspruit: Journey into Digital Transformation

“Making Digital Careers Possible"

DigiEra Learning, in the spirit of Ubuntu, took the Digital Transformation Training to the youth in the community of Zandspruit. The training took place in Emthonjeni Community College.

It was refreshing to experience the enthusiasm of the learners and the open display of appreciation of the opportunity.

The 2-day course included the following modules:

The highlights from their written feedback were as follows:

  • I am so grateful to know that having a personal swot analysis before planning anything is vital. I should also use the smart process to help me plan and easily achieve my goal

  • I will use the SMART principle to pursue my goals.

  • The Self-Mastery module helped me to analyse and know myself. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy taught me to be more open-minded.

Please find a short sample video of the trainer and a sample video feedback from our learners.

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