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How do we deal with the Skills Shortage in the Post Covid-19 SA Economy?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I have boldly dared myself to ponder over the economic impact of the loss of skills from the untimely Covid-19 deaths. As if that were not enough of a global disaster already, thousands of people have lost and continue to lose their jobs through this pandemic.

And I stop to think how different our lives have become. Covid-19 is a challenge like no other. Never before have the lives of so many people around the world been simultaneously affected at such a scale and speed. For some of us, it is as if we find ourselves in an aftermath of a war. Only that we lack the luxury of time to dust of the debris and take the much needed time to recover.

The pressures of life continue to spur us on. It has forced us to adapt and navigate through uncharted territory. And yet we muster up the courage and face our demise.

The graph below shows the decrease of the total number of persons employed in SA i.e. 10 196 000 in Q1: 2020 to 9 548 000 in Q2: 2020, a total loss of 648 000 jobs in three months:

The post Covid-19 economy is the beginning of a whole new era of our lives. We are concerned with how our government, businesses, skills development partners and individuals aim to close the skills gap.

Since June 2020, we have trained 56 budding entrepreneurs to be able to meaningfully grow their businesses. Our plan in 2021 is to train a further 58 entrepreneurs.

We believe that if businesses sustain themselves and innovate, they are the key to creating employment.

Of course, there are other exciting skills development initiatives we plan to drive with the various SETA’s. Look out for our blogs to come.

Continue to keep safe, keep our environment green and contribute to our economy. We have a beautiful global village worth fighting for!!!!!


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