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Never Apologise for “Goofing Around” – Innovation at its Best

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Awakening our inner child to solve adult problems is literally “untamed innovation”. The imagination sees all possibilities. A child does not see risk and will find every reason why they need to do or say something.

It was a long hard day. That evening, after dinner, I continued to sit at the dining room table. Totally zoned out, but completely relaxed.

I looked at the chocolate I held in my hand and I marvelled at the idea of having full control of how I could eat it – layer by layer, half at a time or devouring the whole chocolate at one go and have an insane party for my taste buds. Either way, I was going to be totally engaged with the experience.

And then I thought, seeing possibilities with an open mind is such child-like thinking. It is fresh, authentic, uninhibited, original and without boundaries. Children solve problems in a non-linear way. They are fascinated by simple things - play is serious.

Today’s problems force leaders and their teams to think differently. We as human beings naturally sabotage our creativity by our limited beliefs, triggers and mental blocks. I am thinking that the next time you are required to solve a problem around a boardroom table, you may want to get your team to colour in a picture or play with blocks. You will get to see that there is no limit to how a child can imagine.

Start “Goofing Around” Now!!!!


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