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PwC survey results are in for Digital Skills improvement

PwC Survey states that 40 % of workers say that their digital skills have been improved through the prolonged period of lockdown.

Be Bold!!! Embrace the Chameleon in you.

We can all agree that the pandemic has radically shifted certain workforce trends. I am not talking about just working virtually. Some of us have begun to acquire skills we never dreamt we were capable of.

Prior to the pandemic, a major part of my life would be spent flexing my calendar so as not to miss out on any invitations (business or personal). When the lockdown started, I felt like a cheetah living in a tortoise shell.

As the weeks moved on, I nervously moved my business and social activities onto the virtual platforms. I was tapered into expressing my huge personality through a laptop screen. Then there was the nervous navigation into all other social media platforms, blogging and creating videos. I have never felt more regulated and grounded as a human being, as the new way of work became normal to me.

We are all so vastly different as human beings - every individual has had their own experiences. To give us more context, let us look at a new survey done by PwC. The sample consists of 32,500 workers in 19 countries.

In this survey, 60 % of people believe that automation is putting many jobs at risk; 48 % believe 'traditional employment won't be around in the future' and 39 % think it is likely that their job will be obsolete within 5 years. The research further states that 77 % are 'ready to learn new skills or completely re-train' and 74 % see training as a matter of personal responsibility.

We all wake up to a clean canvas every day. Every day is a new opportunity. Dare to use the colours and paint your story.

Act Now!!!!

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