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Reinventing yourself for 2022

Happy New Year!!!

It is that time of year when some of us are really excited about continuing what we were doing – and that is truly amazing. And then, there are others who have bitter-sweet feelings about returning to what they have been doing. Finally, and quite sadly, there are others who just want to throw up when they think about what they must return to.

Every one of those feelings are real and natural. Understandably, this feeling is based on individual circumstances and context and each feeling demand the adoption of a different strategy.

A huge part of staying energized and engaged is knowing yourself, your areas of strengths and areas of development. It is only then that we can engineer a career path that is truly aligned to our purpose.

The traditional mistake we make is following advice that states that if we are good at something, we should follow a career in it. The question to ask is, “is that what would make me get out of bed every morning for the next five years?”

There were two cases where people changed their degrees after undertaking a personality profiling assessment. Read More

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