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Strong Thinking Skills are driven by a Strong Mindset

The right skillset is normally plentiful and can be easily sourced. The right mindset is a rare commodity.

It is critical for us to understand the difference between the “Fixed” Mindset and “Growth” Mindset. We have all lived through the era where today’s skills are redundant tomorrow.

What really sets us apart is our Mindset. All of us can perform with our skillset. Some of us outperform others because of our mindset. What caused the improved performance is invisible. It is essentially a mindset. A growth mindset sees challenges as opportunities, learns from failures, has a high level of self-efficacy, and is persistent in solving a problem in the most effective way.

Traditionally, we have spent our young lives acquiring degrees so that we need to can find jobs. Degrees are just “professional passports” that streamline us into a specific job role with specific skills and knowledge.

Yet, in our current world, the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global digital economy are not about degrees. To survive in a gig economy, it is our level of social cognition and our Growth Mindset that allow us to adapt to upskilling, right-skilling, and doing our jobs differently.

DigiEra Learning offers the Integrative Enneagram Coaching to develop your level of self-awareness to adapt to a growth mindset. Act Now!!!! Make the call!!!


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